silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, let's see. I did well this semester, which is yay. Pretty much all I can muster on that one. Eh. I'm over it.

Work is weird, as always. Big changes on the unit; me and the nurse manager sat down and "figured out" a new plan for education, which is to say she finally said yes to ideas I've been proposing for 8 months. If by saying "yes" you mean:

me: the new grads need to do critical care training
her: HAHAHAHA $$$ no

me: critical care training, and chemo class right away, not a year later just because they threaten to quit

me: critical care training, chemo class, ekg, and a day in the OR so they can meet the gyn onc surgeons
her: you're killing me, I'M DYING, I'm bleeding $$$ from every pore

me: ...and a phlebotomy class, what the hell, and onc emergencies, and infection control, and a day with the pulmonary specialist doing patient teaching, and a pony. yes, every new nurse, a pony
her: NO NO NO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. but... here's a thought... why not give them critical care training and chemo right away, so they're better prepared right from the start? This is what's known as a "retention strategy," Mary. MY GOD, I AM BRILLIANT.
me: excellent plan *pulls cuticle off entirely*

Dudes, I am but a pebble. Is it always like this?? GRAGGGCH to that, I say. Gragggch. But at least the nurses are going to get some of the training they need. 'S cool.

A dark, twisted little pebble. With a hump. Grr.

Okay, I feel better. Sorry. In other news, I arranged for Mal's boarding next month ("favorite toy: full water bowl"), and have contemplated my JuC Swap story, without much luck. For some reason it keeps morphing into 3manbus. Ai, not my fault -- Chris and JC, they can't seem to stop giving each other shit, and as we know, that really means "get over here and let me lick you." It's, like, the foundation for my worldview, anyhow. Idk. I'll keep working.

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