silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, let's see. First of all, hi. Or as the rather aggressively friendly spam I got the other day put it, "Hi, or else." I'm a little ditzy this morning, because at 2 am it suddenly occurred to me that a salad sounded like the best thing in the world, and I stayed up eating asparagus with ranch dressing and reading science fiction until, well. What time is it now? Yes. And I can't go to sleep, because I have to work tomorrow, and so much to do, shit, and so much to do today --

Anyway, I'm not tracking too well. Ahahaa. I need to arrange for a car rental in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks, visiting the family before I go off to Beatlething with withdiamonds, only I'm afraid I'll end up with, like, a fleet of hummer limos for a month in 2008. There's a reason I'm not allowed to plan things when I'm tired, you know.

Oh! Donna, I forgot to tell you -- I told my mom we were going to this beatles thing, and she was like, "Well, that's right up your alley, since you DIDN'T STOP PLAYING THEIR RECORDS ONCE IN FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL." Hee! She's maybe a little scarred by that, I'm thinking. I'm psychic; I can tell.

Malcolm has taken to dropping his felt mouse in the tub while I'm showering. You can see where this is going, probably. He jumps in to rescue it, screeches, scrambles back out again and streaks away, licks every inch of his fur carefully, and then does it all again, and again, and again. It's an arduous process that leaves him exhausted, and the only thing he can manage after that is to take his sopping wet mouse to bed and sleep for hours. MOST CUTE. Especially since I've learned to check the bed for damp toys every night. Geh.

Other than that -- oh, man, I don't know. I went zipping through the store at lightspeed the other day and grabbed a vaguely reddish looking box, and when I got home I realized I'd gotten "Fire Engine Red" or some such thing, and I do have a sense of humor, but I'm not putting that on my head. So I'm going to get a box of brown, too, and mix 'em up together, and see what happens. I'll let you know! Ten thumbs up for hopeful hair color experimentation! Oh, maybe not thumbs, maybe that's not the best way to d....

Sure, sure, I know. I'm almost done. Hey, does anyone have any clips or files or things of the Veggie Tales? Any of the song vids, perhaps? When I'm manic and sleep deprived, I crave The Dance of the Cucumber. You know, Escuchen! Al pepino... fine.

Today might not be such a good day to work on the swap. Ha, we'll see. :P
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