silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Helloo. It's odd how hard it is to write an entry here when I haven't in a while. Too much to say, and I end up not being able to say anything. I think that's the problem I'm having with the Swap story, too; too many ideas, can't focus. Brain ow, adfjakl;, yes.

My new email is silveryscrape at gmail dot com, because although Robin at mediawood is fabulous to the max, I can't seem to get my email over there fixed up right. Anyhow gmail seems nice, not too many bells and whistles and distractions, which I like. Also, I won't have to jump through 12 hoops to get to my webmail, which works better for traveling. All = good. Lovely.

My worlds collided yesterday, when Dr E somehow, and don't ask me how because he mumbles and sometimes I zone out, ha ha, managed to relate some aspect of patient care on our unit to Lance Bass. ??? Yeah. I didn't get it either, except I think maybe he was talking about one of the clinic staff members who's out, but I'm not sure. But it's been way cool hearing his name everywhere and not usually in a mean way. I have to agree with Donna, though, and say his coming out was not exactly as I pictured it, mainly because truthfully I couldn't really picture it, and didn't think it would happen. Rock on, Lance, you are brave.

Today when I go home I'm going to watch Justin on TRL. ♥

Project Runway, only a little late. :P

Based on my super-canny assessment of how they spun the eps in seasons past, I think Michael will win. They barely mention him at all! And based on my super-cynical assessment of how the world works, the next one gone is Keith. I love him! He's nasty and arrogant and hot in a little guy way and funny - Bad Mommy, bwah. Yeah, he's out.

Most of the rest of them are a blur, still. Can't wait to see who gets kicked off ignominiously -- I bet it's Allison, but maybe that's just a happy dream.
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