silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ha ha ha. See?? That frown comes natural. He's perrrfect.

Little worried about the demon eyes, though.

Project Runway

Keith!! Dumbfuck. And he handled it so badly, too, his speech calculated to make them all feel small about ratting him out, when of course What's-his-face, the boring one, was right when he said Keith brought it on himself.

OH. Alison I like, Angela is the annoying one. Except she wasn't annoying this time, and neither was Neck on the other winning team. I liked both outfits, but especially the #1 winning one, even the rosettes, although I feel sure they will be Angela's downfall in the end. And the puffy skirts, wtf. Puffy skirts are an abomination unto the Lord, unless you're, like, wearing a pumpkin costume and tights. I'll give you that much.

Truthfully, I thought Brad should have gone this time. Those awful pants! But he is entertaining, and will continue to be so until the windowpane wears off, I think, so maybe he'll stay. But I doubt his ability to make it work for long. He's too wibble zibble kabibble, if you know what I'm saying. Mark my words. MARK THEM.

What does that even mean, mark my words? Okay, never mind.
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