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Ha ha, I can't believe it, but when I dropped Mal off at the vet's for boarding my voice was quavering all over the place and I tried to go back in the back with the tech when she came out to get him. She said, "Um," and I said, "Oh! Sorry," and handed her his ratty drool-ridden stuffed cat, and in my defense I've never been to a vet where you didn't accompany the animal to the back, so it's a totally understandable mistake. It's not that I didn't trust her, or couldn't leave him, shah. :(

So, I have about 1000 words of a wildly improbable swap story, which wants to be 10,000 words, but I won't have time. So I'm going with the first section/last section set-up, as is my wont, and y'all will have to fill in the rest as you read. Jeez, whaddya want me to hold your hands?? It's called imagination, people, use it.

Tomorrow, I go on the airplane! Whee! I love that. Family, then Beatlefest and withdiamonds and her daughters, and I have MUCH CURIOSITY about Beatlefest, because it's been going on for like 8937 years, so it's probably really organized. Will we have an agenda? Wear namebadges? Will I get continuing education credits that I can fudge for my nursing license? Maybe some kind of psychosocial... hmm... music therapy is part of whole person care, right?? Bingo. I'm totally writing this off on my taxes, too.

The condo idea is on hold for now. Note to self: no more cosigning loans for crack-addled losers, makes it really hard to convince people later on that giving you vast amounts of $$ is a good idea. Heh. But in two years that whole mess drops off the credit report, so we shall see. I could get approved for a mortgage right now, I'm sure, but I'd kick myself if it's, like, 14% higher than it might be in two years. Stupid maturity.

Okay, I gotta pack. If by "pack" you mean noodle about on the internets and think about the middle of my story.

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