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Hi, livejournal! I'm back. Mal is back, too, a bit traumatized but looking fine, because they gave him a bath. Ha ha ha! He keeps coming up and telling me about it, a bath, HOW COULD YOU, don't ever leave me again, I deserve treats, YOU ARE SO MEAN TO ME, etc., etc. And he totally does deserve treats, because they implanted a microchip, which must have been fun, but also because he is getting his new buddy this weekend, which I'm sure will compound his trauma vastly. This weekend!

I had a great trip! Saw my family and went to State Fair and ate crap, fabulous, fabulous crap, and had a really good time. I have realized that my view of Milwaukee is no longer colored by the years I lived there, and now I actually like it, a pretty, green city. It helps that I go in the summer, I'm sure. Anyway, I'm thinking it might be a good thing to go back and hang with the family for the next stage in my life, a couple of years maybe, and so I'm going to spend the next year finishing up this degree and deciding what to do about that. I miss them. :(

Beatlefest was a HOOT. I had no idea what it would be like, hanging out with people committed to a fandom in its forty-somethingth year, but you guys, there were freaks in Beatles t-shirts EVERYWHERE. All ages of freaks, and Beatles music piped throughout the hotel, and guitars playing and people singing along, and trivia contests and lectures and really great swag and movies, although not "Let it Be," which was kind of disappointing. I love that era, when the music was blisteringly hot partly because they all hated each other. But I did get to see "A Hard Day's Night," so I was happy, and there was a FANTASTIC concert the last night: Liverpool, an awesome Beatles cover band, playing with Klaus Voorman, who designed the Revolver cover and played bass with the Plastic Ono Band, Gordon from Peter and Gordon, that great schmaltzy 60's duo, and Mark Hudson, the comedian and producer, who had a blue goatee and a pink mustache and played rock and roll like a fiend. It was so much fun, and the fans are all still so filled with love for the guys. It was inspirational, really, and in that light I have to admit a high point for me was sitting in the hotel hall with Donna, with the bottle of wine and the little bottles of vodka, eating crackers off the carpet, talking about our OMG GREAT LOVE FOR NSYNC. Aahaaha! All connected, I'm sure.

Donna and I attended a discussion on fanfiction, and had the pleasure of watching a couple of slashers convince a major archivist that slash was indeed not evil at all. It was like seeing the birth of something, because for some reason, all these Beatles fanficcers seemed to think slash is this new movement in the land. I guess it is in that fandom, pretty much, although that seems so odd... maybe it has something to do with how the fiction part of the fandom still mainly operates through zines and archives, so that the tastes and opinions of the archivists and site admins determine what fic gets seen. Idk. The slasher kids have livejournals, however, and it was a treat watching the archivist turn to her husband (who writes gen alternate histories) and say, "We might need to look into this livejournal thing." When we left, the slashers were helping the archivist draft a new policy on slash, and I hope all of that works out for them. Also, I need to remember to look up the slashers' ljs, because J/P = HOT, yes. Ahem.

We all talked a bit about similarities and differences between popslash and Beatlefic, and I asked about common tropes or fiction movements in Beatlefic, and after a while they managed to come up with "Paulie torture," which, wow. But when Donna brought up wingfic and genderbending and magic realism and psycho!Justin and -- what else? -- they kind of shrugged, and more than anything else it seemed that this kind of meta, this looking at the movements and trends in your own fandom's writing, was not something they were down with. At least not this group. Actually, they pretty much all agreed that the latest "trend" in Beatlefic was slash. Hee!

So, pics of JC's party surfaced while I was gone, and it sounds like it was pretty much the debacle I had envisioned and hoped for (dwarf strippers, always a good time), and angst over JT's tickets continues apace, although some people are saying they've seen the show? Yes, and JT is fabulous, of course. JT! Over here, JT! Orlando is nice, remember? JT? It's okay; I'll keep trying.

And while I was gone bossymarmalade wrote a hilarious Dvd Commentary about my story, Oh, the Places You'll Go, which made me want to sit on the kitchen floor with a beer, too. Salute! The joy of writing that story was well mixed with paranoia and insecurity, I must say. Very nice to see it chosen. ♥

As soon as I turn in my Swap story, I can do fun commentaries, too! Yay! o.0

And yourselves? Que doing?
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