silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

perhaps I will rename this icon "IPM"

I could compose an angst-ridden screed about why I'm not going to see JT in NYC, but eh. Suffice to say I logged on to my webCT account for school today, 3 days after the start of the semester, and I already have 2 assignments due tomorrow and, oh, yeah! A class today. Reckon I'll go.

(Remind me, when I'm a bitter old university professor: if your total points for the semester amount to more than *950*, you can be assured that 1) your scale is inflated, or 2) your students hate you. Just sayin'.)

In other words, the prof who tried to cram a 16 wk course into 9 over the summer is my prof again. I now understand that she has a burning need to get it all in, as she has this semester apparently tried to cram a 48 wk course into 16. I love her, in a passive aggressive, powerless, attempt-at-frame-shifting kind of way. All will be well. Days go by, or so they say. It means so much more when you survive one of her classes, you know?

I postponed the kitty-getting until this Sunday because of the Swap -- ironic, as the story didn't really come to life for me until approx. 10 pm on Sunday evening, 2 hours before it was due. It was written, but the words were totally all in the wrong order. I rearranged them, and with some awesome assistance from my hardy betas (♥), I think it turned out okay. We shall see -- I hope the recip likes it. Can't wait to read all the stories!

I seem to be grumpy today, so I'll stop for now. Except, if you were writing the generic popslash story, the template of 'Nslash goodness, what would absolutely have to go into the mix? It would be set on the bus, I assume...
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