silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Project Runway.

Finally watched it!

I liked Michael's dress, except the sash should have been knotted instead of bowtied. Quibbles.

Uli's; very flowy; great pattern; mom loved it. She should have won. Or Michael. Uli. No, Michael. Idk.

Vincent's, eh. I guess mom liked it. But the belt accentuated her chunkiness, I thought, and the fabric was frumpy. w/e. I did enjoy his awkwardness in accepting the judges' praise. Kinda made me like him. Also, I have noticed that Vincent is sneakily much less crazy than he was presented in episodes before. Oh, the spinning.

My favorite thing in the episode, however (other than Neck's takedown, I mean), was Michael Kors' comment about his mom. "My mom was my first experience of thinking about people getting dressed." WHAT??! The brief flash of oh, um on his face afterwards was priceless.

Nina Garcia, of course, was hatched from an egg in a clutch, and thus was ineligible for this challenge.

Well! I am about 80% sure (some of the outlying states of my being are undecided as yet) that I will be going to part time in my job asap, hopefully in a month or sooner. First week of school; tension and stress; crying already; financial aid and fellowships and things; OH. Duh.

I'ma tell my boss tomorrow. Cover me: I'm going in.

...maybe Monday. :P

JC, JC. Intelligent Pop Music?? My love, when the mocking proves too painful, I am here for you.
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