silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

JC! Justin! I'm all a-squee! Totally have to agree with kaelie, though: Please, God, let there be Video. This I Pray.

Also very excited for the JuC Swap stories going live! I think I'm going to bring my laptop to pharm today and sit in the back. Who knew pharmacodynamics could be so hot?

Mal and... Kittie-kittie have passed beyond fear and hissing straight into 24/7 playtime. Ahajkhgjk. Actually it's adorable, because Mal is a pound-cat so I'm not sure he's ever played before, not with another cat. Also, he forgets he's no longer a small baby himself but a great huge lump of a boy, and every once in a while I hear a squeal and look up to see Mal crouched on the floor, a single tiny foot sticking out from under him. I have to say, though, that Mal is pretty gentle with the kittie, when he remembers. There's no biting or scratching, and no jealousy for my attention at all. They take turns with me and if anyone's jealous, it's me -- they're all about each other, which is cute, but HEY. I FEED YOU, YOU KNOW. WHERE IS THE LOVE, Y'ALL. HELLO?

Still need a name. Hmm. So far I call him "Stoatling" or "Ratboy" or "Munch," but I'm thinking the official name should be something I'm not embarrassed to tell the Vet Techs.

Whee, another ghost hunt on the horizon! A 3am type ghost hunt. Less whee. But still, they hear the sounds of walking and speaking and things being moved around, and appliances turn on and off at random and they see people who disappear, and this time I'm totally not going to panic at all. Not that I did last time! Ha. Just saying.

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