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Today I lifted ...Kittie-kittie's tail and felt around with my thumb. Let me tell you, it's nothing like in the books. "Set your kitten on the table," the books say, "use a small flashlight to search for an inverted exclamation point!" First of all, show me a kitten who stands placidly while you shine a light up his butt, and I'll show you a cash register receipt for 9 rolls of strapping tape. ...Kittie-kittie thought this all to be great fun, and immediately tucked his tail, flomped onto his back, and put tooth marks on my shiny gold flashlight. Malcolm, I have to mention, disappeared into the bedroom, because he is no fool.

Anyway, one slightly irritated kitten, one slightly perverted-feeling owner (Livejournal did not prepare me for this! Shocking), and one slightly damaged flashlight later, I am pleased to report (with about a 67% confidence level) that ....Kittie-kittie is, indeed, a BOY. Okay, I didn't do the thing where you squeeze stuff so stuff pokes out, because no. But I did palpate some little tiny nodules, which made ...Kittie-kittie yowl, so yes. Boy kittie!

Right. So I'd pretty much already decided to name her Mina. Ahahaaaha! Thing is, it's a great name and he fits it, and what the hell, I used to have a boy cat named Rachel whose sister was named Zeke, so it's not like I really care what the vet techs think.

Do I? Ai, ai, ai. Maybe Jack? Jack's a great name. General Jack O'Neill, 4 oz of Fighting Fluff.

In other important news, I'm continuing to read the JuC Swap stories, and wow! We got us a quality crop this year, aina hey, Maw? I am also writing a little bit of JuC, because there is no better inspiration for writing than lots of good reading. Also, homework, or whatever. *waves off*

My story for the Swap this year was such people in it, written for Jae, who was kind enough to give me lots of leeway in her request.

For as short as it is, the story gave me fits. Started it, set it aside, started it again, AKGALKJG, started it a third time, changed all the words, changed the tense.... it was going to be a wanking fic, but then JC and Justin surprised me by not being anywhere near the wanking point yet, so that story is for later. This JC and Justin have a whole different set of issues.

That writing meme. I am so yesterday, as always. It's like chronic time travel!

1. Keyboard or notebook?

Notebook??? Are you referring to, like, handwritten? God, no. I can write one 10 word sentence and spend an hour changing every word while my subconscious thinks about what the story wants to be. I used to hand-write poetry because I liked comparing drafts, but for stories God invented cut 'n paste. Plus, my handwriting sucks and I have a touch of osteoarthritis in my hand from all the centuries of carrying trays in restaurants. Ouch. Typing is bad enough.

2. Beta or No Beta?

Depends on the story. I used to be a firm believer in beta, but times change... I try to have Donna and Lesa look things over, for they are wise, but sometimes I look up and OH, SHIT. IT'S DUE WHEN??

3. Plot?

Yes, please. Thanks.

I would say plot is a weakness of mine. That and all the fluff.

4. Title?

I try to have one.

5. Smushy or Smutty?

Can we not have both?? Thank YOU.

Srsly, I like to write (and read) hot sex between people who like each other.

6. Summary?

Pretty much only for my website, unless required by a challenge. I try to make them concise but not boring, and more like an extension of the story than a description.

7. Funniest Fic?

Oh, dude. I don't know. Another City, Another Club? Maybe Justin's Dark Design? I love humor that comes from characterization rather than setting or plot, so there's not a lot of banana peels in my fic, but rather people acting like morons because of their great awkward love for one another. :P

8. Most popular fic?

in the heart, a little house, the yoga one. Speaking of titles. Oh, hey! It has a plot, too! It also has the JC and Justin I'm proudest to have created a little world for. ♥

9. Most fun to write?

Most fun? Man, that question doesn't do justice to the variety of experiences I've had writing all these stories -- which, btw, today I realized I've written 30 popslash stories. Damn.

Still... the mpreg was just an enjoyable writing experience all around. The words flowed, the characters spoke clearly in my head, and the gleeful knowledge that I was writing JC as a weepy new mom, PRICELESS. I love that story, too. :P

10. Best and Worst?

Jeez, I'm too sentimental to judge, which is also a problem I have writing, ahaa. Best, maybe Till the Morning Comes. Worst, well. I dislike the trickyfish remix I wrote this year, does that count? Srsly, I can see good things and bad things about all of them. I don't know which are the stories in which the bad things make it all just not work. I'd love to hear what people think.

11. Coulda been contenders?

Again, good and bad in all of them.

12. Strengths?

Mmm, dialogue. Humor. Sometimes, subtlety. I like to write people who figure out how to fit together, and sometimes that works. Sometimes, hot porn.

13. Weaknesses?

Ahahahaa, fluff. Sentimentality. Fluff. Did I say that? Plot. I am no longer able to write great angst, if I ever was. I have given up writing the 1938099898 kb epic, because that just ain't me.

14. Dirty little secrets?

What does that mean?? I have many, many wips, but that's no secret... I've never plagiarized, never stolen the plot of a movie... Okay, I know. The title of the mpreg is based on a song by Sugar Ray. There! I said it! I'm over it!
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