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joyfulseeker asked for five things Chris has accidentally-on-purpose destroyed. I may have cheated a little. Do-overs offered freely.

1. Dude, it had feathers. On the sleeves.

2. Not opposed to feathers per se, but those were pink.

3. No, you have to understand, pink feathers on the sleeves. What, I am answering... what was the question?

4. Wait, I would just like to point out, pink. Thank you. No, it's important! Yes, more important than the drop date! No, I'm just kidding. Ha ha, Carson, you tool.

5. Shut up, JC, you hated that sweater. Anyway, it was all just a tragic accident. FYI? Feathers, hot tub, bad idea. WHAT, JC. What.

malotte asked for five times J.C. wishes he had said, "No." Great prompt, so much fun.

1. The first time, when Chris sat up suddenly and groaned, holding his head, and then looked back at him with the wrong kind of blank look on his face.

2. The second time, especially when JC realized he could totally understood the whole blank look thing, because that time he was drunk too, but it didn't help.

3. The third time, which was actually inadvertent because he was by himself, trying to get his part down by humming along with Chris in his headphones, and then on tape Chris took a deep breath.

4. The fourth time, because Chris seemed really pissed off all through it, and while JC was not necessarily opposed to the idea of angry sex, with Chris it was different.

5. The fifth time, because Chris kept looking at him and touching him the whole time, and when he asked, "Do you want this?" JC came right away, groaning helplessly, but Chris didn't seem to mind.

Today I go to retrieve my car. The widgets were frozen, it seems, both the primary widget and the backup widget, and while the widgets themselves are like $1.39 at Wal Mart, you can't just buy a widget, you have to buy the entire widget assembly including motor and housing. Oh, well. In the meantime I drove a shiny new Cobalt, which was fun because now I know I'll never want to buy one, because they're tilted and slanted and streamlined in such a groovy, happening way that you can't see out the back window, unless you do really a lot of yoga. Good to know!

And then tonight I strap on my digital camera and my hand-held audio recorder and go to find out who's walking up and down these nice folks' hallway and slamming pots and pans around in the middle of the night when they're trying to sleep. We're meeting at 1 am -- lord. Hopefully I'll be so terrified out of my mind that I'll be able to stay awake.
Tags: 5 things, car, my stuff, paranormal
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