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Got home at 6am from chasing the ghosts around. Acceptable levels of weirdness achieved. Will write more when I am closer to finishing this @^@%!! thing for Teaching Strategies, and after the audio footage is reviewed.

In the meantime, mickeym asked for 5 ways Chris and JC accidentally had sex. Man, I think with those two it would always be an accident in the beginning.

1. "I always figured you would suck in bed."

2. "Sorry," Chris said, stepping back.

"It's okay," JC said, lifting the edge of his t-shirt away from his abdomen. Chris was looking at JC's t-shirt too, JC could tell, and at the spot where his pants were still undone, but when JC looked up, Chris was looking at the floor.

"I have to," Chris muttered, gesturing incomprehensibly.

"Me, too!"

JC tucked the damp, cooling edge of his shirt in and zipped up. Chris was gone when he finished.

3. Right, no more groupies who were friends, or friends of friends, or sisters or brothers or.... well. Twins. Right, not if they came in a matched set of any kind, not if they for some ungodly reason wanted to be done in the same room, not even if everybody was drunk and it seemed like a great idea at the time. Especially not if they promised to put on a show and touch each other and liked being watched, and then when they were done and wound around each other and purring like kittens, said it was their turn to watch.

Ground rules, very important.

4. JC flipped open his phone, watching in a distracted way as Justin piled three boxes of Captain Crunch in the cart, shopping list between his teeth.


"Supply run."

Justin took the list out of his mouth and smoothed it flat on the shopping cart handle bar, reading with his forehead scrunched up. Chris made a muffled hooting sound that had to mean Halo, and then his voice came back, loud in JC's ear.


JC snorted. Justin looked up briefly, and wandered over to the pancake mixes.

"Oh, right. Like you would--"

"Long, hard ones."

Justin was reading the back of a box like it was the Bible, one finger holding his place. Chris laughed like a pervert, all low and suggestive, so JC turned away and cupped the phone.

"What for?"

"What do you think, JC?"

Justin picked up another box and compared the two, looking back and forth between them.

"I think..."

"I like the way they taste."

"Oh. Right."

"And the texture! I like the bumpy ones."

"Jesus, Chris!"

"Get me cucumbers. Three of them. And a peeler. They're better peeled. I heard you can put 'em in the microwave--"

"Oh, my god!"

Justin tossed both boxes of pancake batter into the cart and frowned.

"If you and Chris are just about done having phone sex, could we get going here? I can't spend all fucking day looking at breakfast foods."

"Oh, my god," JC said, softer, and Chris snickered and sucked in a sudden breath.

5. Chris liked to be slicked up all over, silky oil all over his dick and balls and ass, and then he liked JC to rub against him until they both came. JC liked it too, the way Chris's muscles got tighter and tighter like his whole body was a spring coiling up, Chris's smell and the crisp sound of the hair on his chest and belly and groin sliding against JC's skin as they moved. Chris didn't really like ass fucking too much, which was okay with JC as long as he got to do all the rest as often as possible, but sometimes things got kind of confusing, what with the slippery oil and the way JC always ended up slithering around Chris to make sure their bodies were touching in every possible way. Then things would happen and JC would have to apologize, gasping into the sweaty hair at the back of Chris's neck, and Chris always called him a fucking bastard right before he bit the pillow and closed his eyes.
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