silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hi, livejournal! I'm sitting here with the Beatles. Fuck, I forgot how good the White Album is. Thanks, sperrywink! Also, 3manbus, and cats trilling and racing around and knocking things off the counters. Pretty good.

Today, the first day of a weekend oncology review. I'm already certified, but in BMT we don't see a lot of stuff, not too many of the solid tumors and such, so I like to keep the brain fresh. Plus, they're feeding us breakfast and lunch both days, so of course I'm in.

So, any genetics people out there? Cytogenetics and whatnot? I have a question. Telomeres, the end caps of chromosomes that wear away so cells know when to die - in cancer, the problem is mutations change the normal cell processes so that cells proliferate like crazy and never die. Does this have anything to do with the telomeres? Or is it something else?

She might have told us, but I got to drawing a diagram in my notebook of the successive generations of cells dividing, and wondering how many bits of telomere each cell in every generation would have remaining if the daughter cells replicated exactly except for one less bit of telomere, and I graphed 'em all out and realized it made a lovely bell curve because at any given time you'd have a variety of cells all with differing life expectancies, and then I realized I'd, like, invented statistical probability. Ahahaa. Eureka!!!11!!infinity But by then we had moved onto lung cancer, so I don't know. You know? No, I know. :P

Annnnyway, this week I start part time. YAY. I plan on using all my free hours searching out pictures of JC on the internet. Hell, he's all about the package-friendly fashions lately; I think my mission is clear.

Oh! I totally meant to go pick up Justin's record after the thing today. *broods* Well, tomorrow. And Bob Dylan's new set, which is supposed to be a "masterwork." That sounds pretty good, no?

God, this music. Anybody got any Abbey Road they can slide my way? St Pepper?
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