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Oh, livejournal, I am ready for sparklecon! It's going to be so much fun. Especially the Footage Cocktail Party, I think, because even though most of us had already seen every single bit of footage of the guys by, like, 2003, many times, god -- that is so not the point. Watching the guys sing and dance and be dorks together with other people who love them too and understand, what could be better?? I'll tell you, some of the most fun I had at CFTC last year (besides snubbing Chris to his face, ahaa) was hanging out with everybody, reading fanfic and fumbling with the laptop and saying "Oh, JC" and squeeing and laughing and just talking everything over. That's what I miss about CFTC, truthfully, the chance to shoot the breeze about fandom stuff with a bunch of people who will only look at me cross-eyed for doing it because of the booze. Ha, yeah. Not because I'm a big fat dork for loving this fandom at all, STILL, despite everything. So I hope I'll get to see a bunch of you there, or at least zooming around the world at Epcot, drinking at every country, because the Food and Wine Thing is just so fabulous! Also, hopefully the band in Scotland will be playing. In kilts.

Annnnyway, what was I saying? Right -- my part time life starts today, YAY. Normally right now I'd be listening to Dr E drone on in rounds and answering a million questions from the nurses and trying to find two minutes to write modules on Tumor Lysis Syndrome and What Equipment Should Always be Available in a Critical Care Room and How to Use the 17th Century Computer Software to Access Patient Records. Instead, I'm noodling about on the internets and watching the cats chew on my flip flops (hey, dammit!) and thinking about 3manbus, which is a very pleasant morning indeed. All of those other things will still be waiting for me when I go in tomorrow, and truthfully I realize I've arranged it so I actually have less paid time to write learning modules, but I DON'T CARE. I mean, I CARE LESS. That is a good thing.

Somewhere in my city, Chris and Joey are doing radio things. ♥

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