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Right, so, when I blurted out the reason for my lateness the last couple of days, i.e., omg Chris and Joey on the radio akldfsdAKJLK and Chris's HAIR, to my vast surprise I was not mocked at all! I don't know why I keep expecting that to happen. Maybe I just like the idea of... naw, naw. Ha, kidding. Anyway, one nurse told me she had ALL the marionettes, and seemed appalled when I told her I'd cut the strings off JC and Chris, and the dietary lady told me her husband had just recently done some construction work for "the one in Winter Park," but I don't believe I clawed at her (I don't think), although she did end up apologizing for not having more to tell. That's okay, dietary lady! I really do forgive you freely! I don't need to hear more. I'm at about as many degrees of separation as I can tolerate right now without getting kind of wildeyed.

JC; all sleek in head to toe black; THAT DAMN BELT, Jesus. I think I clutched at my chest like a maiden lady when I saw those pics. Y'all saw them, right? Howza.

Other than all that... hmm. I had to run Munch under the faucet twice today because of certain mishaps. I think this is the wrong kind of cat litter -- the sawdust stuff? It's light and easy to work with, but he sinks right down into it up to his elbows, ahaa, and then carries it around the house in his fur. YUCK. Mal seemed much interested by the faucet thing; I wonder if I'm giving him any ideas. Lord. I'm going to come home to all the water in the house running full blast and the sinks plugged up, I just know it.

Assignment due at midnight! Gotta run!
Tags: chris, jc, kitties

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