silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Unless of course we don't wear pants.

Formatting, y/n? Does this work with, like, Opera & such? Gracias. My css skillz are not mad yet. Maybe a little irritated. But I think it looks better.

And now we code. Bleh.

Yesterday I turned off the radio in the car so I could listen to the train go by. Luckily it was cool outside, never got above 87, so I rolled down the windows and hung my head out like a dog so I could see the graffiti on the sides of the cars. Not much. Most of the cars were shiny clean, or rusted and clean, except for a couple of squiggles here and there and a few words. You'll be happy to know Penis Man is Alive! If a bit lumpy.

Today has been exciting already. Munch had the granddaddy rinse of a lifetime after jumping into the toilet just as I got up. o.0 He didn't seem to mind, though, hanging by his tail in the shower, and when I wrapped him up in a towel and rubbed him dry he purred. Then he attacked my feet and Malcolm's head and the edge of the quilt and a speck on the rug and his own tail and went tumbling out of the room, so everything's normal. Well.

I'm hoping so much to be able to get caught up on email today. Fingers crossed!
Tags: computer, kitties, orlando
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