silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

First, the most important thing. Last night I dreamt I was rushing to get to JC's show, late late late, and JC rushed by me because he was late too and he looked so tired, and then I lost my violin and had to go looking for it in the parking lot. ANALYZE THAT. I dare you.

Okay, moving right along. The best part of the latest livejournal kerfuffle is Azurelunatic's summary, here.

Slippery slope? Dudes, I have my lunch tray ready for slidin', and an auxiliary journalfen account with 12-ft concrete walls and a hydroponics growroom, just in case. It's all good. I mean, I spoke up, but I was remarkably reserved about it, for me. Four word comment! Not so bad! Some of these folks, you'd think livejournal was dying or migrating to SGA or something. Serious pain.

Right. Anyway, in honor of the impending holidays (Wal-Mart put their Xmas stuff out weeks ago), would anyone care for a holiday greeting of some sort? Uh, from me, I mean. Yes.

Poll #834619 Holiday Greetings from mee? y/n

Can I have your name/address, plz?

For those with long addresses...

Tags: dreams, holiday, livejournal
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