silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

First, gakked from canadiacookie (yeah, I don't know either), My cat's breath smells like catfood.

Please copy this into your journal if you believe in feline rights. If you do not copy it then everyone who knows that you saw it and didn't copy it will have to conclude that you hate kitties and like to kick them like footballs.

Oh! I just realized that doesn't say "lick." Phew. There was a whole kittie-NFL thing going on there that I just didn't want to know about, even after 3 years desensitization on the evil empire livejournal. Much better now.

Also, maybe they WERE doing it.

I really must apologize. Today I completed a workshop on planned change and the empowerment of nurses, and I'm afraid the workshop coordinator actually did, in fact, use the word "solution" as a verb. So I think you understand my angst right now and the reason my post is all disjointy and greeargh. There's just no solutioning this one.
Tags: meme, nursing, slash
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