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Right, I don't have 5 Things. What I do have are 13 windows open on my desktop, all with important and necessary school-related things (except for the JJill shoes). So, here's 1 thing that Chris never actually said to JC, as requested by ephemera_pop, and I'm working on all the rest. Watch this space! Sometime in 2008, I may have a thing for you, too! Oh, that sounds bad.

Chris could be so difficult. Like, he never said, "Go home, JC," he just said, "What, no, that's stupid," or "Why are you watching that?" or "Could you please not move my stuff around," or "I have to go out for a while." Then, when JC was at home, really getting into the track with the screechy chorus or the one with the bassline that sounded way too angry, he would call up and say, "Where are you?" or "What are you doing?" or "Hey, you have to see this cool book I got you on the Middle Ages."

At that point, it depended on the song whether JC felt like going back or not. Sometimes he had to wait until the song turned into something really hot and funky and strange before he could go, but sometimes the song was full of shit and he had to go back right away and tell Chris he was a jerk, and Chris would roll his eyes and say, "Yes. And?"

It was infuriating. It was - it was like learning a language that didn't make sense. But then Chris would look away and say, "So, been working on anything new lately?" in a strange voice, and he'd listen to JC's song and ask a million questions, good questions, like he was really thinking about it. He never said, "Sorry," or "Maybe I could," or "We're," but neither did JC, not really, and he did say, "JC, fuck, the way you sound," so maybe it was understood.

Freedom! So close!
Tags: 5 things, kitties, my fiction
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