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no, no -- YOU

As recently seen on one of my beatleslash communities, the first line of a John/Paul smutnugget:

...everyday the road which led to Abbey Road Studios was crossed by him with quick frozen steps, with a scarf covering his mouth and his white hands inside his pockets...

Now that's a writer who ought to read her stories out loud. Dude, if it can't be said convincingly, it's probably pants. That is my theory, the theory I came up with -- because it is mine. Thank you.

Hi, livejournal!! I've had a rather good week, now that I'm at the end of it and can add it all up. This week I:

* Had a massage that rewired my whole body, so that I'm only just today able to breathe without thinking holy shit, the air goes down that far??

* Nursed my poor ailing car into the shop, only to discover that sometimes brakes make that noise when they get dirty, and I really don't have to drive with one hand on the parking brake unless I want to.

* Found Six Feet Under, early adopter that I am, by catching the pilot after PR on Wednesday. Now I have to remember Mondays in addition to Wednesdays for Ghost Hunters and Thursdays for PR and Top Chef repeats, and that's a lot of sticky notes on my desk, damn.

* Saw a bunch of movies: The Uninvited with Ray Milan, which is about ghosts but is not really a ghost story, in that it is not scary at all; The Haunting with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom, which is still brilliant, although I was surprised to learn Shirley Jackson added the lesbian subtext to the screenplay, because I thought it was in the book, too; Poltergeist, which is still so much fun and makes me want to see the second one, which I liked even better. God is INNN. His holy TEM. PUL. Love that. Also, JoBeth Williams. She's awesome.

* Listened to FS/LS finally. Ahahahaa! "Early adopter." I really disliked Justified, so I think that made me gun shy, but today I dragged Justin out and tossed him in the cd player. Yay! YAY. I love it. It's relaxed and funky and fun, and the lyrics are ridiculous and the instrumentation is interesting, and What Goes Around is just gorgeous. The only thing I'm still having trouble with is the title. Future Love -- no. Love Sex Future -- nope. Damn! I just can't get it right. At least when the Chili Peppers did it it made sense, two separate phrases. But this -- what's the slash about? A hidden message for JC? Well, that's okay then. Since he's clearly all over this record. :P

Okay! Off to get ahead on my schoolwork. It seems withdiamonds and I will be joining the Fatones for a little shindig on Chris's birthday in a few days, so I have to be ready.

....hee!! No, I'm being totally seriously serious, dammit! There is a shindig, the Foundation is sponsoring it, Tuesday is the day, a day which just happens to be Chris's birthday. You do the math!! CLEARLY this is all about getting me and Chris together in the same room so I can barf on him AT LAST. Also, I would like to point out that "delusional" is not a very shiny word. Thank you.
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