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the revolution was postponed due to rain

I don't really have anything to say. Will that stop me? Nope.

Woke up this morning just utterly happy. It was so odd that I had to laugh.

It was especially odd because I missed JC presenting at the RMAs last night and can't get stupid yahoo to let me download from the timberlakemedia group. But, eh. Everything is gonna be okay. It's all coming together, inshallah.

Isn't it annoying when people are this contented all up in your face? You're welcome. Anytime, really.

In other news:

I signed up at the site, mightily amused to be considered "over 18." Man, they don't have a clue about his demographics, do they? WELL over 18, thank you. When I was 18, JC was.... hmm. Four? Hee.

Thinking about getting another tattoo. Unlike JC, I like needles. It's a kink, just a small one. So, I have a celtic knotwork fish swimming below my left collarbone, the chinese symbol for "to seek" on my right forearm, a tribal sun on the back of my neck, and a dragon curling around my belly button. Any ideas for what to get next?

I'm tending toward something earthy & growing like a tree, since I already have the air, fire, water, and Me, the seeker. But I don't know.

Eh, enough with the spam. I have mercy. Plus? I am very hungry and must find another CD to play, as well. Adios, laters.
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