silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Joey!!1! Go check out withdiamonds's post about his charity event. It was fun, even though there weren't that many people there. JC & Tyler's friend Chris Meyer showed up in his ugly skullcap. Joey tried to get him to sing Dirty Pop and he really, really didn't, so Joey told him he was gay, "Not Lance gay, but gay." So you know he was in fine Joey form, telling us "Dig your tickets out of your pockets, retards!" when he did the raffles, throwing open the bar on him when it became clear not that many people were going to be there, and hugging and talking to every single person who turned to him, making everybody comfortable. It was so much fun watching Donna let him go by like 5 times before she got up the courage to talk to him, every time shooting me the !!!!! look, but eventually she grabbed him and really, he was very approachable and Joey. Then by midnight we were all out, and I think he was gonna head over to Chris's party, and maybe we should have, too, $$$ be damned! But we didn't know where it was, and didn't know where we were, and no matter how many times I go downtown I end up getting lost. It's a tradition. Now, breakfast (since it's noon) and then homework and packing, and I'll meet Donna in the wilds of Disney and we'll try to find somewhere to watch PR, because Michael is totally, totally going to win. Maybe Laura.

Also, I am not scared of Chris. Pshaw. He's just this guy, you know?
Tags: sparklecon
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