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It is 58 degrees outside! Record lows! It's inhumane, I tell you.

On to the sparkly!

sparklecon was so much fun. Of course, for withdiamonds and me it started a few days early, with Joey and the breast cancer thing. We kept mourning Joey's oversight in not keeping in better touch with us. We could have bombarded the event en sparkly masse and made it a real party! Ah, well. Even popstars live and learn, I guess.

Thank you, topaz119, withdiamonds, liz_w, marrymehowie, covergirl10, kellicb, ninjetti75, hammerhead22, alittleblue, therisingmoon, saturn92103, babygotbass, kare, splifford, kiffle, hurricanemegan, simply_fly_away, go4it, nothinggold, and kaelie & Mr. K! You all helped make last weekend the sparkliest time ever! If I've forgotten anyone, please know it isn't on purpose. I'm still recovering from my vacation. For example, I seem to have been conditioned to eat and drink something every 20 minutes or so. In fact, last night I dreamed about that meatball thing with the cauliflower mashed potatoes from Scandanavia. Mmm, Scandanavia. Thank goodness they're delivering the exercise bike today. :P

I'm not sure I really need to do a recap, since everybody else has done a great job, but I will mention a few highlights, like

* circling through Orlando 9 times in search of JC and Chris and Joey and the WEG Compound with marrymehowie and withdiamonds. I would just like to point out that we were very respectful. We kept Justin turned way down on all five passes by JC's house, even though he isn't even in town. If that's not considerate, I don't know what to tell you. Also, we really were interested in that house for sale next to Joey's, and had to have much conversation regarding pooling our dollars etc. Finally, we had to turn the car around, and the WEG gates were open. QED, people!!

* doing Space Mountain 3 times in 15 minutes (WooOOoooOooOOOulp) with hammerhead. I'm going to have to vote never again on the Tea Cups, though. Ugh. Josh, you were right. I thought I was going to have to barf on hurricanemegan and covergirl10. That's no way to get along with new friends!

* exclaiming OH MY GOD THAT'S HOT while the waitress hovered around us, clucking. liz_w: not just another pretty face and fabulous personality! She also takes pictures! Who knew??

* the absolute hilariousness of Mr K at the dessert thing at Epcot. I would pay money to see those buck teeth in the family picture, kaelie, I swear. (Ps., Ghost Hunters in on for 3 hrs tonight! YAY.)

* laughing myself sick at the footage party while everyone shouted and hooted and cheered the guys on. That was the best part. Also, I thought I'd seen every minute of footage ever filmed, but the sight of JC losing his shit in Rio was PRICELESS. He's quite a handful, that boy, no?

In conclusion, although I could go on with the details: I would do it again, absolutely, any time. In fact, if Disney didn't have approximately 9487537 of my dollars right now, I'd Travelocity up some tickets for Camp Sparkle this instant. Ah, Disney. How I love you.

And now, back to school. More than half way done with the semester! Oh, yeah -- the cats, not so traumatized by my absence. They said, "Oh, it's you!" in kind of a pleased way when I got back, and went back to redistributing all my furniture, accessories, clothing, books, possessions, etc. evenly throughout the condo. They have jobs to do, you see, agents of entropy. They didn't get to go on vacation.

Anybody know how to make folders in Gmail? I'd research, but it's been like an hour since I last ate.
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