silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In all the furor over Chris's impending humiliation (over which I appear to have been defriended, ai), I forgot to mention what a fun day yesterday was. I succumbed to the necessity for effective bulletin boards on the unit, and threw down a kick ass practice council board with so many red sparklies you can practically see it from space. A++. Then I went shopping and in the grocery store they played Dirty Pop and Burning Down the House and a Wild Cherry song that was not Play that Funky Music, White Boy.

Yeah, ha. I'm pretty easy. Also in a good mood since I started riding the exercise bike 5 or so miles a day. Unfortunately I told my boss I thought I might be on an upswing of the bipolar, and her eyes widened a little. Will my sense of humor ever be appropriate? I fear not.

Hence my enduring love for the stupid image macros:


Love that one. Sry. Chris would totally wear that hat, don't you think?

Like, several months ago I wrote part of a group-centric fic that included a scene with Joey wanking while Chris watched. In honor of the deadline for my research paper (tonight at 00:00), I think I'll drag it back out and play.
Tags: chris, crack, music, writing
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