silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

ghost hunters is on!!! !!!

Apparently, growing up in the south and spending 10 yrs in the southwest and then living in the south again can't hide the fact that I'm from... what is it? I didn't keep the meme. The one with Wisconsin in it.... Inland North? Who calls it that? Except, nobody I knew back then ever said "pop."

I would just like to thank call_me_loca and splifford for making sure the fish head song stayed in my head for 16 hrs, hammerhead22 and alittleblue for making the fish heads sing Living on a Prayer as an encore, and the Refried Style for sucking and allowing me find these cool hot springs. In the meantime, I have pumpkin pie.

WITH ICE CREAM. .....I know. But you can't be me, though.

paperdollkisses, here's something for you for next halloween. Mwa haa.
Tags: crack

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