silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Crack 25 mg PO daily as needed take with chocolate, dispense one MILLION

Sesa! Sesa!! YAY. I hope everybody will consider signing up. I know I got a big ball of squee in my belly, just filling out the form. Whee!

This time I asked for a JC/Lonnie mpreg songfic. This is my year. I feel it.

What is it about Sesa that makes me start writing instantaneously, as soon as I sign up? Because I just know as soon as I get my assignment, nothing.

Okay, to bed. I have to be there at 6am tomorrow, to borrow the Excel on my work computer. Stupid Excel, who cares about you. Besides my research prof, that is. Tomorrow I'll ask Dr E what news on the ManBand front, too. Lord, hear my prayer.

ps., I had a big rant written about Begging the question, but my eyes rolled back in my head before I could finish it. It was just that fascinating. Suffice to say, if you have to beg anyone to listen to your question, it's the wrong way.
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