silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I missed most of rounds yesterday, because when the nurses are presenting I answer call lights and jazz like that, and I got to talking to someone's wife in that stage of stress and hyperalertness about how it really was okay if his oxygen dipped down to 93 and maybe she should get herself some breakfast, we would watch over him for a few minutes, and by the time I got done the conference room was empty and Dr E had gone back over to the clinic, asdjfsdl. Neither of the PA's knew anything about the manband situation. Consensus is that he won't do it, because of the kids and the holidays and the sheer inconvenience, although it sounds like a fun idea, and what is wrong with people these days?? Priorities, my god.

Ha ha, love this icon. I should rename it "It's a big world, see. But small." It can represent my love for fandom.

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