silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Forgot to mention how my class went. The one that I taught. Hmm - perhaps I lack a certain teacherly authority? I had the hardest time reorienting the class after someone (it might have been a nurse manager, but I'd better not say) started us out by mentioning how Dr McDreamy (actually his nickname) was going to be teaching the gyn onc class the next day. Someone else then compared him less than favorably to Dr N, "because Dr N smells so good," and then everybody in the class had to make vague porn noises, which was horribly funny embarrassing. Except then L had to announce to all that while she did appreciate Dr N's smell, he had way too much of the wrong stuff for her. That was TOTALLY counted as a vote for Dr N by the class anyway, and the debate got pretty heated there for a while. So to speak. It took me like ten minutes to get them going on Tumor Lysis Syndrome, which seemed pretty dry after that.

I think it was because they'd had the lecture on the sexuality of onc patients the day before. The teacher brought toys. I'm still mad at the other educator for not letting me know the schedule.

Ha, I guess we're a pretty relaxed crowd, considering the religiosity of the institution. 'Snice. We're professional, you know, when that matters. For example, I don't think he knows his nickname is "Dr McDreamy." Hmm.

One of the PA's was wearing a Veggie Tales tie today. ♥

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