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So behind on livejournal. Yoicks. I do plan on catching up, but first I had to write another thing Chris never said to JC.

5 reasons Chris never said "I really want to kiss you" to JC:

1. "What? Why?"

2. "Oh, Chris. I don't - man, I'm so... wow. I mean, wow."

3. "Ew."

4. "You and so many others, cat."

5. "Yeah, right. Not funny, man. Not fucking funny at all."

"Those are all stupid reasons," JC said, pushing his fingers through Chris's hair again and again until Chris swatted him away.

"In retrospect, yes," Chris said. JC came easily into his arms when he pulled. "But who knew? It's not like you –"

"I knew." JC wiggled around until he found his spot and closed his eyes. "Can we sleep now?"

Chris slid a hand over his back. "I'm not through confessing my great doomed love for you," he said. "This has been so hard. In fact, this one time I had to –" JC yawned loudly.

"We'll talk later," he said, his voice blurring at the edges and his breathing deepening.

"Sure," Chris said. He looked at JC's hand resting softly on his chest, completely relaxed and open, and after a while he closed his eyes, too.

Top Chef is on tonight! And Ghost Hunters! YAY. Tomorrow I'll try to be a little more fandomy and talk about the shows. I actually have a lot to say about Top Chef, I just, you know.
Tags: 5 things, my fiction
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