silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dear sesa writer:

Hi, sesa writer! You are so fabulous. You know that, right?

In case you want some clues about what I like in popslash, well. Here they be.

Feel free to write either pairing. Truthfully, the BSB pairing snuck up on me out of nowhere and said "We're fun, bitch," and I had to agree the possibilities were there. So do what you like with this option. I'm going to be pleased either way.

I like fiction about crazy possibilities, wings and vampires and Lance turning into a couch. I like magic realism and ghost stories and fairy tales and mysteries, anything where our consensual reality is skewed a little bit, and I like reading about how the characters respond to that, their defenses and breakdowns and adjustments, the way who they are changes what they see. This one's pretty open, I think. I hope. Don't fret about it. I also like stories about the music and the biz, and stories about really hot sex after much yearning, so I think you have lots of leeway. You could also chuck all that and do what you want, and I will be perfectly content.

The one thing I do ask for is a happy or hopeful ending. Unless, you know - if the story leads you away, and it's just right, then go for it. More than anything else, I want a story you liked writing, that you felt good about and are pleased to have written.

You know, just have fun with it. Maybe I'm projecting, but sesa can be so stressful - don't let it get to you. I'd rather have 900 words you enjoyed writing than 40 chapters that made you want to break a window. In the end, the best part of this whole deal is that you're writing me a story, a story about sparklymens, and what could be cooler than that? Nothing, that's what.

In conclusion, some math: Fandom = yay, and YOU = ♥

Rock on,
Tags: sesa

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