silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ghost Whisperer:

JC is just ridiculously good looking, isn't he? I know my eyes tend to lock onto him whenever he's on the screen, so maybe I'm not exactly an impartial witness, but it was really hard to pay attention to JLH in their scenes or to anyone else in the band in that last scene. He did well enough with his abbreviated little role, although I kept thinking - all through the story Samson's talking about his friend, telling all his old secrets, and why no scene at all with him and the friend, whatever his name was? Why no scene between him and the Jared ghost? That would have improved the story and made me much happier than watching that little kid saying non-little kid things like my mom is hurting and talking on his cell phone, B plot whatever, and not just because I wanted more JC. Not only because of that.

I have an idea for sesa, which rocks a lot, and after the beginning of December I'll have time to mull it over. Right now I have my big project for Teaching Strategies and my febrile neutropenia algorithm for Pharmacology and the TrickC I'm determined to get finished before the end of the year, so that's what my weekend looks like. JC was so cute in his Set your Tivos 'cause I know you'll be out on a Friday night. I was writing about phenomenological research in nursing, JC, thanks, although it was surprisingly interesting, if not exactly filled with giddiness and party-fueled glee. Still, Christmas break, come sooner, please! I am so ready for you.

I want to do the Warm & Fuzzy Snowball meme, but those things always make me squirm. What if no one responded at all?? DEVASTATING. Shut up, it's totally important. In fact, I'm sprinkling the post with random glowing anonymous comments even as we speak, for that very reason. Only, I'm commenting also on people I don't even know, which is kind of delicious and perverse and fun. What - I have way too much of a dark streak to be able to do these things without SOMETHING ironic about the process.

Hee, also - I have a gorgeous new vacuum cleaner. I love it. IT HAS A LIGHT ON THE FRONT, for vacuuming in the dark, I assume. The cats hate it, so that just adds to its wonderfulness. Vacuuming, totally my new hobby.

In other words, good morning!! :P
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