silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ah, nostalgia. What a pain in the butt you are.

Okay, anonymous posting enabled, friendslock off, IP logging... well, I'll try to turn that off, but since I don't aim to find out who has an ISP in Colorado or whatever, omg dun worry.

'Tis the time of the year that, for whatever reason, I start to remember what a troublemaker I've been in this fandom. Gearing up for New Year's Resolutions? Ha ha, no, it can't be that. But I was reading through Fandom_Lounge over on JF the other day, a lovely post in which the anons admitted to all the wanky behavior they've perpetrated over their years in fandom, and I thought, self? You have a few boners to admit to, and not the good kind, either.

I have:

  • made thinly veiled posts that were nevertheless clearly readable to The Right People

  • made posts that weren't decipherable yet were clearly wanky, thereby maximizing the drama

  • mocked every person in the world, either in aim, or right out there under the sun

  • written rants aimed at getting other people in the fandom to moderate their annoying and/or wanky behavior

  • participated in sekrit communities aimed at the mockage of others and their fiction/lives/hairstyles/pets/dining choices/etc.

  • participated in anon mockage memes in friends' journals

  • defriended people for no other reason than they annoyed me in passing

  • made not-friends in the fandom by mocking their friends

  • etc., etc. oh, my god

Would you care for specifics? Well, there are a few incidents I'm not particularly proud of, despite the hilarity I can still find in them. I'm sure you all remember nonchop? Right. Dude, sometimes people need the old fisheye, but I took a kind of glee in her exit from the fandom that was unholy. Now, I'm not sure how to deal with wanky people other than by mocking them, but I'm willing to stipulate the existence of another way. Especially since the mocking seems to have done as much damage in its way as the original wankery. It is a troubling memory.

ANNYWAY, tell me. Any wankery you care to confess, out of your dim past? Mary Sues, leet speak, intertube pseuicides, flouncing off of LJ, OMG FOREVER? I don't want to know who you are, or even the specifics, but I'm so, so curious. Am I the only one??

Right, ahahaa. I know I'm not. Give it up, y'all.
Tags: fandom, lost people, my thoughts on yaoi
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