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If by progress you mean not working on it at all.

Then there was the time Chris popped into his hotel room just as JC was getting dressed for the club and said, "Kiss me." JC, who had been deciding between the pink shirt, which was hot, and the silver shirt, which was also hot but in like a different way, looked at him doubtfully.

"What? Chris, I have to—"

"I just need to check something out."

And just like that JC found himself in a clinch with Chris, the pink shirt and the silver shirt crushed between them. Chris said, "Hmm!" the instant their lips touched, and he slid his hands over JC's back and flicked his tongue against JC's teasingly, watching JC the whole time, and a million times Chris had come this close in photoshoots and videos and on stage but he had never looked at JC like that. Anyway maybe clinch wasn't the right word, because Chris pulled away too easily and patted JC on the shoulder, and the shirts fell on the floor.

"Okay, thanks!" he said, and took off.

JC said, "Sure," before he could stop himself, and bent down to pick up the silver shirt. The trouble was he never saw it coming, and Chris was going to say something like, "Hey, JC! Nice shirt. Is that tinfoil?" when JC climbed into the limo, and truthfully JC thought things might be less confusing if Justin snickered once in a while or Joey shook his head or Lance smiled down at his hands, but they never did, not more than usual.

(Stupid nurses.)

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