silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,


Santa hats, never not awesome. Thank you, rikes!

I have one more assignment. I just- I don't. god. Please - SEND IPODS.

Ahahahaa, yes. Sorry. That one won't get old soon, I think, and the establishing of RL credentials and the disclaiming of socks and the snarking of situations involving People Who Deserve It, priceless. But the best thing for me - what if she's really in a hospital in Chile?? YAY. Rocks fall, everyone sucks. Bartender, lipgloss for all my friends. That would be awesome.

Aww - at least we'd still have the non-PhD person. That wank was even better. I mean, I assume my flist is lying about lots of stuff every day, but usually it's, like, emotional states and who won the argument at work and did you and JC REALLY bond meaningfully with your eyes across the crowded room at the Meet 'n Greet? I mean, really? Uh huh. But can you imagine bringing off a big old lie like that? Dude, too much work. I can barely remember not to talk about the hoYAY with my coworkers sometimes, much less orchestrate a con like that, with the excuses and the research and, I imagine, flowcharts and bulletin boards and things like that. Plus, I'm pretty sure people on the internets have the ability to spy on me through my monitor at any given moment, and I'd never get away with such a thing. Also plus, all of my plots are really obvious. Weep.

Anyway, I'm going to try to write today (as you can no doubt observe), just as soon as my neighbors strolling down by the dock quit trying to flirt and FAILING AT IT BADLY.

him: How do you like living here?
her: Um, great!
him: Oh, that's great!
her: *giggle*

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