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Good morning! I managed to survive this semester in a much more intact state than I expected, so now I'm feeling a little let down. No great pit of angst for closure? That's... it? So of course I keep loading up the webCT, searching for assignments I may have missed or papers I forgot to write, but they're not there. I'm done. Huh. Well, that's... Huh.

Next semester, Evidence Based Practice with one of the profs I had some confict with last fall (yay), Teaching Technology, which I think is going to be 16 weeks of, like, computers and PDA's and things (snore), and Health Assessment, which should be very interesting as an online class. One of my friends who took it last semester said she received a plastic vagina in the mail, on which she was supposed to practice the exam with the speculum, etc., nevermind. However, the box wasn't labeled in any warning sort of way, so her husband got to it first and opened it and then said Honey? Your... porn stuff is here. At that my friend laughed merrily, because (I'm guessing) they just don't have that kind of relationship, and I laughed too because I got an image of the prof industriously packing up all these boxes of vaginas for her grad students, but I have to say I think my friend and me were worlds apart in our perceptions of why that story was funny. I blame livejournal, actually.

Guess who went to the vet this week?? No, the kitties, tch. Malcolm told me what he thought of the situation very loudly all the way there and all the way home, and when I let him out of the carrier he immediately chased Munch into the hidey-hole behind the stove and wouldn't let him out all evening. Munch just thought it was all a great big hoot, as he does. I'm glad. He gets to go back in three weeks to get things chopped off, lucky boy.

This week at work... weird, as always. I asked a grief specialist to come in for a session, because we've lost several of our long time people lately after much struggle, and can see the end coming for a few more. It was nice to be able to talk about them and their families and what we all go through with them without feeling like we're being unprofessional. Plus, there's just something about crying and blowing snot with your coworkers that makes you realize that, annoying as they may be, you're all there for the same reason, and god knows it ain't to make the big $$. Like, I don't think anyone chooses oncology for the glory. We all stumbled out of that room a much tighter, if red faced and sniffling, team.

And now we don't have to do that again for a while, which actually fits my own personal policy of denial and avoidance much better, PHEW.

Today I'm starting sesa. YES I AM. I've actually been mulling it over for days and days and have an idea that seems doable, but that was the non-words kind of thinking, and we'll see if the images and feelings translate over into a story. At least I have the week before Dec. 20th off. I suspect I'm gonna need it.
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