silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh my my. Oh hell yes.

I Am

Which tarot card are you?

Well, okay.

Had a tough day. Much learning. [rolls eyes]

Three of my five patients spent the day actively dying. One of them made it. He was a nice man. I told him to have a good journey and cried with his mother.

The other two will probably be dead within a week. One of them is younger than me. She is almost completely out of it now, except at one point she looked at me and smiled and said "marymarymarymarymarymary." Except for moans, that's all I heard out of her today.

I was there from 6.30 am 'til 9 tonight.

Maybe I want to be a kid again. Just for a while. Just fuck around down by the river, throwing stuff in the water and climbing trees so I can swing off the branches with my feet in the water. Maybe ride my dirt bike awhile. Have some tomato soup and a grilled cheese for lunch, and listen to my sister singing little songs she makes up.


Or maybe... some more comfort porn. Yes! That always cheers me up.

Make it so!

ps. this means Chasez Lake again for me, tonight. Hee. Practically have that damn story memorized.
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