silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Plz Advise

I have some serious questions for you, friendslist.

What's wrong with "Your eyes are red because you cried"?

Her eyes were red because she cried: Better? y/n

....I sense that somewhere my sesa recip's eyes are red, and she doesn't even know why yet.

Ahh, in the distance I hear Dr E's dulcet tones. I suspect he's going to try the old "Start rounds half an hour early" ploy, and the charge nurse is going to say HA. She's the one who's quitting. It has improved her mood vastly, and she is taking great delight in speaking her onions, because she already has a new job.

I mailed my niece's birthday package, so I'm good to go on that one. As for Xmas presents, the post office lady laughed and laughed when I asked if I still had time. Oops.

COOL BUTTONS FROM brighton_girl!!! Thank you so much, Beth. And a lovely card from marrymehowie, MWAH.

This new posting interface is fine, but dang. LJ is starting to remind me of the hospital. So many pointless changes of stuff that already works well. Pointless change is a great dissatisfier, lj! Watch out, or you'll have a vacancy rate of 18%, too! Or, ah. Maybe not such a great comparison. Somewhere, my sesa recip is twitching.

Me, too, sesa recip! But fear not - I decided against writing the story all in rhymes. Everything is GOING TO BE OKAY.

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