silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yay, sesa! I was so gloriously in love with my story by the end that I'm afraid to read it now. Ahaa. Can't wait till Xmas Eve! I totally forgot someone wrote for me, tooo! How fabulous. This year for Xmas I'm going to make myself a good meal, maybe crack a bottle of wine or sake, and hunker down with stories all day long. Man. Doesn't that sound perfect?

But now, to the doc's for the old Annual (yay, speculum asdkfjakl), to Wal Mart for some cat litter (pee-yew), and to... somewhere for a hair cut (funny how the cute, cheap cuts grow out longer on one side than the other). Then I might write some more on the trickC, since I'm still in the mood.

Pet and Georgina are ♥, by the way! What a great time of the year! I'm all a-squee, speculum or no.

Hey, anybody have the template for that end of the year writing round-up meme?
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