silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Happy Holidays, Livejournal!

I have talked to family and made guacamole and green chile enchiladas and watched 60 hours of Dirty Jobs over the last two days. I'm having a fantastic Christmas. Hope you're doing the same!

Also, reading and reading and reading. I have a couple of recs...

Call It What You Want, my story, MINE. It has a haunted house and Disney World and JC and Chris sleeping together for comfort, which I loooove. Thank you, Sesa Writer! A wonderful present.

Run the Table, a sleek trippy futuristic thriller. I love the writing in this, beautifully controlled, just enough to give us the taste of what's going on.

Metafictional, absolutely hilarious. The description of Chris's challenge story alone is worth the ride, but the whole thing is so much fun!

as it is in heaven, a gorgeous piece of worldbuilding. One of my favorite images: JC opened his hand to the sunlight and wondered if he could lick it off his palm like syrup.

Must. Keep. Reading. I'm hitting up Yuletide, too - awesome Batman Begins story here. Thanks for the link, bossymarmalade!


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