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Hellooo, lj. I made the mistake of logging in to my classes three days early, so now I'm totally in school mode, which is to say, I bought myself a pda and rearranged my living room. I may even buy my books sooner or later! This semester looks busy but doable. Probably the only logistically problematic part will be finding a victim to act as the model for my physical assessment exam, which must be videotaped. The victim can wear a bathing suit, although I must say naked would be less anxiety-producing for me, and I have the honor and joy of, among other things, doing a full breast exam.

I guess that's a sign of how isolated I've become in Orlando, huh? I don't think any of my friends here will be down with this. Now, in Albuquerque.... um. Yeah, not so much. Oh, well! Hopefully there will be others like me in class.

So, I've been to my psychologist guy twice now, and I have to say I'm already a little over the mining of childhood pain, although having an official witness is of course very nice. I'm sure it's just part of the whole denial and repression thing or whatever, and I guess I have to trust he knows what he's doing. He already has my number, I admit. He told me not to worry about whether he was bored or sad listening to me, that I don't have to take care of him, and he also told me he thinks I'm too hard on myself, and I strike him as a very conflicted person. Ahaaaha. Clearly I'm owing my friendslist a copay or two, since this is hardly news. But again, it's nice to get the official okie-dokie to be messed up, although we agreed I couldn't put it like that anymore. I'm supposed to be positive now. Man oh man. I had no idea this therapy stuff was so hardcore.

Work has been interesting, because we finally split up the two units, so that we're not bone marrow transplant on the 3rd floor and oncology PCU on the 10th floor with one staff to run them both. We gave the PCU away, which makes me sad because that was my home unit for so long, and now we're just BMT, and truthfully without having to run upstairs every hour or so to check on the poor abandoned nurses in PCU, me & the charges don't quite know what to do with ourselves.

Well, the charges don't... I've been running upstairs anyway, because the nurse manager who took over the PCU has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what's she's doing, and few of her staff ever got trained as they should have to do the cardiac telemetry. So when I was hanging around with them and a patient got transferred in from surgery, I told them, See, that patient's in controlled Afib, which gives you an idea that this might be a chronic problem and that's why she's in PCU for recovery - but lots of post-surgical patients go into uncontrolled Afib as a result of the anaesthetic and such, so you have to watch for that, because it's an emergency call to the doc. One of them started wringing her hands in anticipatory panic, and another said Which one is the heart line on the monitor? And oh, god. What have they been doing for the last four months since we let them know this plan? Ai. Not getting ready to take care of these patients, clearly.

I'm surprised? Worked here for 2 1/2 yrs and I'm actually surprised? Heh.

Anyway, it occurred to me today that Chris totally tells JC "Go around! Go around him!" when they're driving, but JC doesn't because he sucks at driving. He especially sucks when they pull up to the guy at the next red light and he gives Chris a smug look. He just doesn't get it.

Also, I've been rereading a lot of Gale's stories today. JuC Day is comin' up!
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