silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Omg HI. I went into lurker mode there for a little while. Post sesa thing, I think. How's everybody doing?

This morning Dr. E notified us that soon he will be doing some filming. It seems that although the Manbanders didn't use his house as location, they do want him to appear in a few scenes to play the part of the local transplant doctor of Rich Cronin, which he is, and tell him all the precautions he should take while he's in town as a post leukemia and bone marrow transplant survivor. He says he's going to tell him, "Don't live in a house with a bunch of crazy boybanders for a month." Ha, ha. Oh, Dr. E. Actually, he also said he plans on demanding his pay in the form of an invite to the wrap party, which led me to respond, "HI DR. E, HOW ARE YOU TODAY." We'll see if it works. We all want an invite, actually, but especially me and that one nurse who told her story AGAIN about how JC works out at her LA Fitness, and he's all skinny and pale. I'm thinking she might have a little crush.

Anyway, wow! My medical director is totally going to be on that one Manband show! Or else on the cutting room floor. Hee. Life is so fucking weird, I'm telling you.

Other than that, school yes, work yes, mental health... sure, cats YES, and also soon I and two crazy friends are driving up to Cassadaga to check it out. Really, we just want a road trip, but hey, if we can have psychics and ghosts too, bonus!!
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