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Lazy days.

Here, Jane, I made you some pictures:

[more to come. be afraid]

My take on the whole JC-collaborating-with-someone-for-the-single controversy: can you really imagine him recording something next week for release the week after? JC? The man who spent the last four months tweaking an album he probably had ready all along? Mr. Perfection? No, I didn't think so, either.

[private to C: ADIDAS, baby. I'm just saying. xoxo, silver]

In other news, I'm halfway through my orientation to the oncology unit. In six weeks we tumble from the nest! It still hasn't quite sunk in that, despite my "checkered" past, I am now a (theoretically) highly respected nurse. Bwah! I laugh!

Now I am making the Jerry the squid squishy-walking noises. Spongebob! How could I have made it without cable this long? He has a pet snail! That meows! It's gold.

Heh heh heh
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