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Little distracted today. Malcolm's latest thing is to lick the coffee grounds when I make my cup in the morning. It makes him a little crazy - he's currently trying to stuff his head into the watering can, while Munch watches with interest.

They were supposed to pressure clean the backside of the condo buildings yesterday, so my living room is filled with balcony furniture and plants. This will end in tears, I just know it.

Much like the cross-country trip. Gah.

Oh, I didn't mention the cross-country trip. I guess it does belong in one of the occasional paragraphs I mentioned previously. One of the odd grace notes to my mom's death was that when I called my dad to let him know, he wasn't in Tallahassee where he lives, he was in Milwaukee also. So we got to see him and he got to come to her funeral and get looked at over the top of my aunt's glasses but welcomed by all the uncles, who had always liked him, mostly. Mom and he hadn't been together for 30 years, but he told me when he stepped back off the plane in Tallahassee, in his exhaustion and sorrow he thought he saw her waiting for him, for a brief moment. Yeah.

But the reason he was in town is because his mom, our gramma, has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. I haven't mentioned that, because skjalkajlka. You know. She has "two months to two years," whatever that means, but we all know she has decided to shoot for the two months end of the spectrum. And when I say "decided," well, you have to know my gramma. When they told her mom had died, she said "Good for her. She's lucky." She talks about it all the time. My dad told me he'd be driving her around, and gramma would say something like "If I were dead we wouldn't have to worry about a parking space." Funny, I have to admit, but the kind of humor that makes you put your face in your hands, you know?

Well, now she's upping the ante and refusing to eat and drink, or so my uncle says. There's some disagreement on that, because he does tend to dramatize things. Still, we know that we will be heading for the lovely and temperate Wisconsin once again, perhaps soon.

Dad wants to drive up together, to save money, and to deliver my old Nissan to my brother. I'm giving it to him, so this actually makes quite a bit of sense.


Other than that, it's been nice for me to realize that although I'm quite lurkery, I can still muster a good stiff defensive wank reaction with regard to unkind comments made about my fandom. So I suck in terms of posting and squeeing and answering comments, and for that I apologize, but please know that I read with huge interest and really appreciate everyone who does have the squee. Mwahs for all.
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