silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh, friendslist. I just watched the Black Snake Moan clip. You know the one I mean. The one with Justin and JC fucking? HOT. It has been very inspirational for the writing of my JuC Day story, let me tell you. Whoo.

(Shut up - it's called the Law of Attraction. If all those money-grubbing capitalist running dogs can practice Buddhist Wiccan Yoga 101 in their hot tubs, then dammit, so can I.)


But seriously, folks. All my coworkers are into this Secret thing, and it's just so much fun. I have no problem with the materialism of it all, because everybody starts somewhere, but to hear my really very conservative nurse manager talking about, you know, Love Under Will (in not so many words) and invoking her own version of TPTB in order to get her daughter's medication issues straightened out, well. I am loving this. Our next project is encouraging the patients to visualize themselves as they'd like to be without cancer, and teaching yogic breathing to help with the visualization, and also we're going to start being more positive, and all that is really worthy and good and effective, surprisingly enough, but also hilarious. Every once in a while I can see someone get a pinched look on her face, and I know there's a truly righteous zinger struggling to be free. We all love the shit talking so much, you see.

Somewhere Alan Watts is holding his head. *hugs self gleefully*

Moving right along. I fear I might have given the impression that I've spent the winter into spring months hiding in my basement like Chris Kirkpatrick during the hiatus, waving my bottle of Commemorativo around and cursing Justin Timberlake. Not so much. I miss my mom all the time (she would have LOVED the Sureshot thing), and I'm sad about my gramma, although she really was ready to die, but mostly I'm in this strange new world of being really happy and peaceful for the first time in years. I just... it's fucking weird. The same world, but somehow it's really a lot more beautiful than I recall. I kind of dig it.

So anyway, hi! What's new? I have to drive to Milwaukee in a few days to meet up with all the Collinses. Milwaukee, as you know, is a verdant paradise of warm warmth and warmness. Also, sunny.

This positive visualization stuff is aces for sarcasm. ♥
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