silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hellooo! I have been working like a crazy working thing that works and works. Tomorrow is my day to settle in and catch up on lj and my friendslist and JuC Day, which I spent writing half of a story I'm kind of in love with. Hopefully the other half'll show up soon, too. Yayyy, weekend!

Can I just tell you, I haven't stopped playing FS/LS in weeks. Right now I'm particularly in love with the title song, in which Justin theorizes that the reason she's ready to go is because of her ability to envision (?) the sounds he will make when he comes. Oh, Justin. Yes, it is still cocky, even when you know that it's true. ♥

Also, lately I'm in the planning stages for another ghost hunt. This one has the potential to be scary and sad and scary, but mainly, scary. I'm really looking forward to it. Will let you know when I can, which is to say, when the story's put up on the group's website. May take awhile, alas; the last one's not even up yet.

And y'all, how goes it? Any story recs from JuC Day for me? I've been on a great Foxmonkey binge lately. Nobody builds up the heat like her, mmm.
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