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Ha ha.

I'm not going to do the one where you make the commercial of your life, though.

So: this right here is my new home. Feel free to stalk me at any time; we have fun winter sports year round! Actually, if I had the energy and focus to learn how to save images from pdf files, I'd show you the home inspection photo from two weeks ago, in which the inspector had to forego several items on his list because of the foot of snow obscuring his view. Ha. ha?

Okay, 6 inches. I exaggerate. Anyway, the love of my family will keep me warm. Aww. And a few good fish fries with rye bread and coleslaw, and a sunlamp.

Today I figured out why JC does the things he does in one of my (many, oh) stories, but not the remix. Damn. I fully plan on answering comments and emails, also, but first the cats are still waiting for me to clean that box, and it's the Maitland Art Festival today! Omg!

The other night I dreamt I got hit by a car. It was a gorgeous turquoise old-fashioned beauty, and I skidded along under the front end until I came to rest on my butt, hands and feet in the air, and then I looked around. Finally I said, "....okay," and slapped the ground and bounced back up, and then I woke up laughing. The last time I had a dream like that, a butter knife falling blade-first into sand as easy as that, it meant hard times, but good. I know everything is going to be okay.

Plus, before that in the dream I was in a club watching JC strut around; how could life get better than that? \o/

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