silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

HI, LIVEJOURNAL. Wow, ten days till I move. !!!

Right, let's move on, please. A little update on the My Boss is Going to Appear in the As Yet Untitled As Far As I Know ManBand Project: My current medical director (for ten more days! !!!) and the clinic staff will be featured in episode 6, which will be aired in August. This is the ep where the one who had a bone marrow transplant, Jeff? Jeff gets checked out for local healthcare coverage. (See, when you get a bone marrow transplant, you stay a transplant patient for a LONG time afterwards, and we're the only players in town, so.) It's going to be so weird, seeing my friends on the show! Alas, I don't believe Chris went with him to his appointment. Lucky for them, since I wasn't invited.

Remix! Remix, yayy! Is not bossymarmalade the most terrific (and understanding; nevermind) mod ever? A++, would tear hair out again. ♥

Some wonderful person remixed a story dear to my heart, the way of the world: birds and unexpected bridges mix. Check it out, for serious. Chris in sock feet! Trace and the birds! Justin spouting random bullshit and grinning crosseyed like a retarded child! It's a fun expansion on my story, and I love it. Thank you, anonymous wonderful person!

I like this year's post-remix meme: If you guess which story I wrote, I will give you a shiny pidgy ficlet of your choice. Y?
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