silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning! How are ya! I'm in Milwaukee. Today I go for my pre-employment cup-peeing and for to get a parking pass. Tomorrow, the closing on the condo. I love it! So happy! I had no doubts, although I think my sister may have. Seeing as I bought it on her say-so. :P

New flowers.

New view.

The inside is nice, too. I like the silver foil blobs on the walls. Hee. I think she's relieved about that as well. If kind of disgusted.

To catch up... the latest lj kerfuffle. We've missed circling the wagons, haven't we? The end times! Living together! Cats and dogs! Tempests and teapots! Aiieee! Okay. Let the good times roll!

Annyway, moving right along.

I'm so late, but this is the one I wrote: let us hold your banner high (a whole new world remix). I kind of love it a lot, although it wrung my brain out and left it wadded up on the sink. But bossymarmalade's story is so brutal, so tricky, that I had to risk that. Glad I did! It was a writing experience I haven't had yet, and I really enjoyed it. I was thrilled when JC killed Justin, thrilled. Uh. It's hard to explain.

Annd, we're walking. Come on!

How y'all's are doing? Good?
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