silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

The kitties helped me prepare dinner tonight by licking the surface of the pot roast when I turned my back for a few seconds, but what the heck. I am going to cook it. Anyway, that's what I get for allowing them on the counters, and in fact encouraging them by doing things like letting Mal lick the coffee pods before they go into the machine, because he loves a good caffeine buzz. As is right and godly, but maybe that isn't such a good precedent to set. Don't know.

In other words, we are all doing well! The family is healthy and fun. Work is fabulous, strangely without stress, and I loove being back at the bedside. My condo is also fabulous, now that I've pulled down most of the shiny wallpaper and decorated the place like a junkshop -- excuse me, emporium of vintage shabby chic eclectic, uh. Craigslist. Stuff.

I know, I know. Pictures. I would but... I'm lazy! Yeah! Sry.

Beatlefest was even more fun this year, and really affirmed my love for fandom and being a fan, even though I did stray from lj for a while there -- okay, still -- for sanity's sake. Ha ha, shut up. But I still have lots to say about the guys, and I kind of have a new policy of finishing all those old wips, which is keeping me motivated. In fact, in honor of the JuC Swap story -- which I understand is due soon? Huh! -- I'm working on a trickC pwp that I started, like, a year ago. Yayy! Writing is fun! I forgot.

Donna, the Beatles Love recording is PHENOMENAL. You should find it on your harddrive or let me rip it for you. George Martin is a genius.
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