silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Fucking little yellow birds have emptied out an entire 2 lb thistle sock in like three days. Wtf, little yellow birds! I am not made of thistles, you know!

They really are cute, though. I have two socks hanging on hooks off my deck, plus a suet box (blueberry flavored beef fat MMM), and they squabble and squawk and chase each other from sock to sock to suet box so often that it's hard to imagine anyone gets a nibble in. AND YET THE SOCK IS EMPTY. Silly birds.

This morning I heard SCHLOP SCHLOP SCHLOP and sure enough, the mama deer who hangs around by our community was wading through Lake Mary. Graceful and silent as a ghost, she is. Hee!

She usually comes through in the evening, 8 or 9 pm, but it was raining like a crazy bastard again last night, so maybe she put it off. She is also cute -- has two spotted babies I got to see one night a few weeks ago, when she was at the neighbors' eating corn, and they came stepping hesitantly out of the weeds at the edge of my yard. And then less hesitantly, and then the braver of the two wandered out onto the grass, and the littler one followed, and then boing! Boing! Freedom! YAYY. I almost died of awwww as they played. Until she made a sound somewhat like a buzzsaw and they went leaping off into the weeds again, tails lifted in alarm, clearly in big trouble omg. I haven't seen them since. Ahahaha!

That's the state of my outside state, and I suppose a hint at my inside state as well. Things are pretty good... Kitties are very kitty-like, doing well, although they're not real happy that I won't let them out to gobble up some little yellow birds. They love the basement and go tumbling up and down the stairs ALL FRICKING DAY AND NIGHT ahem, and if I would just quit my job, they would be happy clams. But, alas.

Work... I think I might be switching over to the pm shift, actually 12:30 in the afternoon until 11 pm, sometime soon. Right now I work 7 until 5:30 pm, which is fine, but a nurse on that other shift is feeling murderous toward her coworkers and needs a change. Thing is, this hospital has an innovative scheduling plan, 7 days on and then 7 days off, so anyone annoying you on Monday will probably fill you with deep, dark hatred by Sunday. Seven on 7 off is WONDERFUL (26 weeks of vacation a yr omg!!), except for that fact. But heck, I get along with both shifts, and it might be nice not to have to get up at 5 am for a change.

Okay, yes, and the fact that we don't have nursing techs on the day shift, so I am making beds and giving baths and taking vital signs and weighing patients with the one scale 4 other nurses are fighting over and emptying pee and poop and tidying rooms, all in the spare moments when I'm not, you know, nursing. I realize that it can be done, and I also realize that I've been spoiled by having techs in the past, but WOW it feels like a lot to fit in, and maybe working a shift that doesn't have to do all that would be kind of really lovely. 'S cool. I'm back at the bedside, back with the patients, and that makes up for a lot. Didn't realize I was missing it so much.

And the plan to switch the Master's from Educator over to Nurse Practitioner, also a good decision. I'm in a teaching institution now, telling the Fellows what to do (and loving it, maybe a little too much), and our team rounding is really that: teamwork, and I'm really realizing that fuck, I know this stuff, and have a lot to contribute. Didn't so much get that at my last unit, where the doc spoke and we all listened. Here, we all participate, and as a NP I will actually get to figure out patient treatment plans and such, and that seems very exciting to me. Much more exciting than remediating nurses on how to manage chest tubes or whatever. Oh, well, it was a good plan for a while. Had its uses, and I got what I was supposed to from that stage of the game.

Okay, that Teal Deer needs to head back into the weeds, and since JC and Justin have decided to mess with the other guys' heads, ahaa, I will go.
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